All AGRIbumper models are easy to mount to all tractor- and frontlinkage types. With your order you had to give all details so we provide all the neccessary parts in the assembly.

(see supplied box, see pictures down below)


1 - Basic principle to all tractors is to lower the frontlinkage arms ca 50%  /  to level first. than place the arm in rest / upright position.
2 - Take out the original center bolts and replace with a BUSHING (34x80mm / 35x80mm /  35x110mm / 35x164mm / 40x100mm)/ JD 6R bolts, iff not in the box, you don't need the bushing.
3 -  Now you can mount the M30x160mm (or longer) with 30mm spacers and m30 nuts togeher with the supplied ADAPTER. 

The ADAPTERS have different angles 90°/100°/105°/110°/115°/120° or 110°backwards ( we supply 2 adapters on tractor- and frontlinkage specifications)

4 - You can make 2 different settings with the left & right ADAPTER

a -  long to linkage, short to Agribumper - makes the agribumper smaller, but more forward form tires/wheels (best option when agribumper is equiped with weightblock left & right)
b -  short to linkage, long to Agribumper - makes the agribumper wider, but closer to tires/wheels (best option when agribumper is NOT equiped with weightblock)

AGRIBUMPER mainframe

5 - At the AGRIbumper frame you can adjust the width, by loosen the midd-slider (underneeth 8 x M20x50bolts)  make sure that the hart-to-hart distance matches the distance between the adapters left & right

a - choose BOTTOM or TOP hole on the frame ( depending on the space between agribumper and linkage main /swinger frame)
b - choose to put the bumper on the FRONT or on the BACKSIDE off the ADAPTER

 Advise mount one side with M30 x 90mm with spacers and nuts,THAN SLIDE THE AGRIBUMPER FRAME to the second hole, mount second M30 x 90mm

6 - center the midd-slider of the agribumper frame (underneeth 8 x M20x50bolts)
7 - Hang the complete AGRIbumper upright so that the bumpersticks are straight

8 - Place the supplied 2x M30 x 90/120/140/160 mm at the backside sliding holes off the agribumper frame, find good support spot underneeth the linkage mainframe, adjust the lenght of the bolt with supplied nuts/spacers

a - shorter adjusted bolts lower the front of the agribumper
b - longer adjusted bolts raise the front of the agribumper

400mm above streetlevel

Make sure that the bottom bumper plate of the AGRIbumper system is between approx 375mm - 450mm above surface


LED LIGHTs & Indicator

9 - all AGRIbumper are equiped with Hella LED dayrunninglights & indicator (orange) mounted in the front of the agribumper. make sure not to sqeese the supplied cable.
     place the 7-pole connector cable to the tractor and the 2 waterproofsealed connectors. check all functions. The indicators will illuminate orange. make sure left and right are correct.
     - Iff mailfunction occurs, check the connector ( migh re-arrange the wire to midd or check - for correct to MASSA) or check tractor connector
     - Guide the cable to the bottom frame and fix the cable with ty-wraps (not supplied) so cable will not hang underneeth the frame



10 - iff your agribumper is equiped with 2 side weightblocks hang them in the puzzleform and fix with the 2xM20x 35mm bolt, start with the back bolt first

ADVICE  - make sure that there is approx 40mm minimum space between fronttires and weightblock WHEN in highest position, wheels turned full in

11 - iff your agribumper is equiped with a midd weightblocks attach it to the midd-supportplate fix with the 4x M20x 80mm sunkenbolts, adjust the weight / slider to let all bolts pass

12 - iff your agribumper is equiped with a Tool-box fix with the 4x M20x 30mm bolts, adjust the position to let all bolts pass

Linkage hooks lower or higher

13 -  iff you want to attach a front implement you can adjust the height off the linkagearm/hooks by adjusiting the back support bolts - SEE pount 8


Special requirements

For some tractors types we supply type specifick parts at extra costs, for example Fendt 8 and 9 series < 2013 needs extra supportplates, to let linkagearms pass.
John Deere 6R needs 2 special bolts to replace original and for a 7R we need to fix the linkage pins by supplying a seperate plate. (see price-list)



CE certificats, Guaranties and short user  & maintance manuals

incl electric diagrams, police & tüv notifications, exeptions in use,  manufacturing statement and Ec declaration of Confirmity


READ before Using the system





Youtube tutorial

Iff you want to see how to mount movie on    click ( made by trekkerweb)


Notification guaranties & responcebillities
We developed the MULTI ADJUSTABLE AGRIbumper system in a way that when mounted in the best / correct way, tires/wheels can turn normal and most front-implements work. But NOT ALL, there are many execptions, depending on tractorbrand, type, original OEM linkage or aftermarket, wheel sizes, (wider) track (differences), implements brand, type and specifications and even workingconditions. Some tractors have long linkagearms, hooks sticking our far upfront, so they provide the best solutions. Some german tractors have shorter arms, so have restrictions to use in combination with the Agribumpersystem. The system, when mounted correctly, can be taken off with only un-ti 2x M30x90mm bolts in a few minuts. Please do so when you think this might be neccessary. We cannot/do not give guaranties for 100% fitting and do not take our responcebillities for your incorrect use when you take the risk using it instead.


step by step - Check this foto tutorial below

based on a very common Zuidberg system, but in principle for all system the same