Weight-Line 600 frontweight

The Weight-line 600 frontweight consists of a base frame of 400kg with only weights in the middle (250kg). 

You can use this Weight-line 600 model as frontgewicht and tractorbumper in 2 assemblymodes:

  • 400kg
  • 650kg

Ideal for lighter tractors or medium transport. For seeding, tillage, harvest, etc., there is choice of different weights from 400 to 1600 kg that are simple to adjust for any application.

Each AGRIbumper weight plate fits perfectly on the specially designed clip system and is easy to fix and replace. You can remove or attach the entire package with a hoist or forklift in a few minuts. 

An AGRIbumper comes with two combined Hella LED daytime running/flasher lights, fitted in a place where any sort of oncoming traffic might expect it: at bumper height as with other road users. In this way the tractor is much better visible in all weather conditions.