LED daytime running lights with flashers

Traditionally, the headlights of a tractor are close to each other in the bonnet and it may appear to an oncoming vehicle that the distance between the tractor and the oncoming vehicle is still big enough. Small width lights and turning signals on the side of the cabin at a height of 150 to 200 cm are often not noticed or suggest something else. It doesn’t matter if it’s during the day, in bright or low sunshine, a gloomy rainy day, dusk or dawn. Too often, things only just go right between a tractor and other road users. Traditional lights are also quite susceptible to interference.   

How just 2 extra LED lights make the diference!


Each AGRIbumper comes with two combined Hella LED daytime running and indicator lights, fitted in a place where any sort of oncoming traffic might expect it: at bumper height as with other road users. In this way the tractor is much better visible in all weather conditions.