Nowadays, agricultural tractors and machines are getting bigger, heavier, faster and more efficient all the time. Partly because global demand for food continues to rise, there will be scale increases so transport over (medium) long distances with agricultural tractors on public roads will be growing. When used in the field, the traction of the tractor tires on the ground is of great importance, but damage to the costly soil should be avoided as much as posssible by reducing soil compaction. A traditional concrete or steel front weight is often just too light or heavy.


  •     400 kg
  •     600 kg
  •     900 kg 
  •   1200 kg
  •   1300 kg 
  •   1600 kg 

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AGRIbumper manufactures safer and variable front weights for better weight distribution. Our (weight) bumpers are suitable for any make and type of tractor with front hydraulics. Standard are features such as LED daytime running lights, flashers and width markers. This makes the tractor better visible on the road, in any kind of weather, whether it is during daytime, twilight or at night. Because of this there’s a better chance of avoiding collisions, especially on narrow roads when you often drive in the middle of the road. In an accident, the tractor with its big tires will no longer drive across the car with all its consequences. Our AGRIbumper wit its front weights may be placed as close to the tractor as possible and just once to the front linkage of the tractor.

Our AGRIbumper with its front weights may be placed as close to the tractor as possible and just once to the front linkage of the tractor. In this way the linkage can still be used and the turning radius is not affected.

Unique frontweight meets EU regulations

In many European countries the AGRIbumper meets EU legal regulations: An agricultural  tractor, measured from the centre of the steering wheel to the front can’t measure more than 3.50 metres. Particularly in case of the larger tractors of over 250 horsepower or a long wheelbase, the use of the traditional front weight is usually not permitted on public roads.  AGRIbumper is attached closely to the tractor and it can fold up the hitches of the front linkage  so roads and junctions can be crossed safely. Here it meets the German "Merkblatt für Anbaugeräte des Bundesministers für Verkehr."

AGRIbumper comes with a CE certificat

Front linkage

AGRIbumper recommends using a height of about 400 mm, measured from the ground. Condition to apply an AGRIbumper on a tractor is the presence of a front linkage. An AGRIbumper is fully adjustable in height, transverse and longitudinal and it leaves space for both linkage arms and the front PTO .

Fast mounting and dismounting

Do you have work at which the AGRIbumper unexpectedly needs to be taken off completely or if you want to use the AGRIbumper on another tractor,  it can be fastened or taken off in a few simple steps very fast. We supply, depending on make and type of front hydraulics, a suitable adaptor which can be fastened on the pivot point of the front linkage with 2 pieces of M30 bolts ball heads.


Need some extra space on your tractor, take a TOOL-BOX option in the midd section. inlcuding lockable lidth.