Options & services

For the Base-line and Weight-line models:

Fronthydraulics usable

Our units are fully adjustable in height, transverse and longitudinal direction and allows room for both linkage arms and front PTO. AGRIbumper is unique in this.

Fast mounting and dismounting

Do you have work at which the AGRIbumper unexpectedly needs to be taken off completely or if you want to use the AGRIbumper on another tractor,  it can be fastened or taken off in a few simple steps very fast. We supply, depending on make and type of front hydraulics, a suitable adaptor which can be fastened on the pivot point of the front linkage with 2 pieces of M30 bolts ball heads.

The extra Easymass weightblocks in the Easy-line have a regular cat.2/3 hooking system, so you ca add/reduce weight fast and easy on the Weight-line models. 

Combined front weight and construction machine

In a sowing combination the stock tank is on the front linkage. As the tank empties, the weight changes and loses the trigger weight on the front axle. If you use a heavy reversible plough in combination with a packer it is often carried to the field on the front linkage but where do you leave the front weight? With an AGRIbumper this problem can be solved very easily.

Unique front weight meets EU regulations

In many European countries the AGRIbumper meets EU legal regulations: An agricultural tractor, measured from the centre of the steering wheel to the front can’t measure more than 3.50 metres. Particularly in case of the larger tractors of over 250 horsepower or a long wheelbase, the use of the traditional front weight is usually not permitted on public roads.  AGRIbumper is attached closely to the tractor and it can fold up the hitches of the front linkage  so roads and junctions can be crossed safely.. Here it meets the German  Merkblatt für Anbaugeräte des Bundesministers für Verkehr.


Option: bumpersticks

Massive galvanized bumpersticks are availabe, so that the corners of the AGRIbumper are more visible from the cabine. An important option for companies that drive in busy traffic, at narrow entrances or reversing in tight spaces. The set fits on all AGRIbumper models and comes with fasteners.