variable frontweight and tractorbumper for tractors


Safe & variable frontweight, with LED daytime running lights, flashers, Widthmarkers and Tractorbumper for safer tractors on public roads...As tractors are getting bigger, heavier, and faster therefore more unsafe when you hit someone else. No matter what causes it or who's to blame. Invest in safe frontweight systems and as for your price now!

did you know that every 1.000kg unnecessary weight cost you ca. € 1.200,-/year

use AGRIbumper variable weights and tractorbumper, always safer and cheaper at the end!

NEW -  HEAVY-3    -   CAT 3. frontweight

Special frontweight system fur use in the cat. 3 linkage. Varibale weight, by lifting the blocks in/out in just 2 minuts. With LED dayrunninglight, indicators, widthmarkers, sticks, ready to go. (available in any tractorcolor or uni color red/white, farme black) made off 25mm strong steel 355.

2 models small <220cm> or wide <250cm> in 350 - 2000 kilo or with TOOL-BOX - click on pictures




55 New models 2019, standard LED lights & indcators


The all new FIX-line frontweightsystem  350kg - 1.400kg is designed for John Deere 6M / 6R models only for use/connection WITHOUT frontlinkage.


fronthitch-linen & uni-line tractorbumper for Cat.3  - check here

slimmer desigs, better fitt, stronger build quality, standard with LED's, indicators and bumpersticks  - clic on pictures to see more



NEW - For John Deere 8 R series - Variable FRONTWEIGHT up to 1400kg

NEW  - AGRIbumper for the John Deere 8 R series, a variable weight as 400kg, 900kg or 1400kg only 250 cm wide, short mounted to the tractorchassis for more safety. The system has the same LED lights, indicators and widthmarkings.  Iff you don't need weight, just take off the blocks and drive with 400kg basic frame as tractorbumper, the tractor is allways safe and equiped with all you need for transports. Fitt to 8R with or without fronlinkage. (check the John Deere Gallery for more pictures, bottom)

8370R no linkage & 900kilo

8400R no linkage & 1400kilo

8370R with linkage & 400kilo


Special offers

AGRIbumper offers 4 models including a steel TOOL-BOX and side position sticks for a special price.  (click on the buttons to get a bypass for the pricelist)

How far is your normal weightblock upfront at crossings and gates? 350cm is max, did you know that?           AGRIbumper comes with CE-certificat


2.OOO kilo Weight-line

In the same dimensions as the Weight-line 400kg we now test the 2 ton heavy but variable frontweight together with Deutz Fahr 9 serie demotour with Veenhuis-Kverneland 30m3 slurrytanker. Linkage still to use in most situations and machines. (PTO up to 1.850kg) - clik for video on


JCB Fastrac in safer mode

Fastrac's are as ist in their name written a faster tractor. The reason to consider a AGRIbumper frontweight system and bring back the light on the rights spot!  (clic for more on the picture)